Our annual MONS competition was held last Sunday 4th March. Preparation was perfect and the hall looked great.  Thanks so much to the following Budokanis who turned up early Saturday morning to set up:  Dave Colman, Alainya, Matt, Will, Max, Ben and Lilly Zollinger, Rachel Lobsey, Robyn and James Hucker, Beth Wade, Kelly and Finn McPherson, and Kerrye who did all the food shopping.  These people also turned up on Sunday to help run the event.  Regarding Sunday, there are far too many people to thank for supporting the competition on the day so to avoid missing someone, thank you one and all. We had more volunteers than we needed and it was great to see the kids willing to learn new skills in running a competition.  Unfortunately for no apparent reason, numbers of entries were down and we had to be quite creative to make up divisions, including a teams event at the end of individual divisions. The following clubs participated: Budokan (8), Tiger Do (4), Woy Woy (3), and Shinsei, UNSW and Illawarra (1 each), so only 18 MONS in total. We made up 11 Divisions and there were 27 matches on two mat areas plus the matches from the team’s event so we were done by late morning.  Thanks to the State referees who officiated and congratulations to all the MONS who competed. Results for only Budokan athletes follow:Girls Novice31kg – 1st – Lilly Zollinger Girls Graded24kg – 2nd  – Ariana Bazan-Koltai Combined Girls & Novice/Graded28kg – 2nd – Lilly Zollinger Boys Novice27kg – 1st – Douglas Anderson Boys Graded 24/27kg - 1st - Marcus Liao; 3rd – Harrison Barbin27/31kg – 1st Marcus Liao; 2nd - Harrison Barbin; 3rd – Rhys Conti35kg – 2nd Nicky Mogilin Combined Boys/Girls & Novice21/24kg – 1st – Pascalle King Combined Boys/Girls & Novice/Graded21kg – 1st – Ariana Bazan-Koltai Special Awards (All are listed)Best Tachi-Waza (Throwing) Technique – Pascalle King and Kareem Rashid (Tiger-Do)Best Ne-Waza (Ground) Technique – Nicky Mogilin and Mary Powell (Shinsei)Best Spirit – Lydia Valashev (Woy Woy) and Sarah Bailey (Illawarra)Player of the Day – Marcus Liao and Qi Zhang (Tiger Do)