Amber McIndoe left on Sunday for a month at the Kodokan in Tokyo Japan, to participate in an international course for new young coaches who have finished competing and have achieved medal results at Nationals. We wish her a great experience. Welcome back to Kyle McIndoe who returned from Europe last weekend after a good 2 month training block, and has now been preparing at Budokan for Queensland and Melbourne. Nathan Katz and Calvin Knoester (who has been training with us for a couple of weeks from WA), left for Morocco on Tuesday morning and will meet Josh Katz who flew there after his training block in London. They are part of the 9 athlete Australian contingent selected for the Agadir Grand Prix, in which nearly 300 athletes from 43 countries will participate. Their preparation has been perfect and we wish that they fight to their full potential in this competition and have great success. Josh and Nathan will fight on Friday 1000 (local). Morocco is 11 hours behind us so this means 9.00pm Friday evening our time.