Budokan does not qualify as a "Deductible Gift Recipient Test" under the ATO’s guidelines.  However the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) enables donors to claim a tax deduction for donations made to sporting projects that have signed up to fundraise with the ASF. For every donation of $2 or more, the ASF provides a receipt to the donor that can be used to claim their tax deduction for the donation. Depending on an individuals income bracket, this can be up to half of the total amount of the donation. The ASF keep only 5% of all donations made. I created an ASF project for Budokan under the “Giving For Grassroots” program and this was approved by the ASF last week.  The project is called “Budokan Judo Club Athlete Support for Interstate & International Competitions”. So effectively, tax-deductible donations to the club are now possible. Club members are encouraged to push for corporate and private sponsors for the club. Donors can go on the ASF website (at, search for the club, register as a donor, read all about the project and how the funds will be used, and make either a one-off or recurring donation. The process is as follows:Go to on “Donate To Sport” on the top menu barUnder "Clubs and Organisations”, click on "Explore Projects" Click on “Sport Type” and select “Martial Arts” where Budokan is listed. Click on “Donate Now”Select “One Off” or “Recurring” and follow the prompts. Or go straight to the Project Page at: to the Donation Page at: