Judo Training and Membership Fees

2019 Annual JFA(NSW) and Club Membership and Fees 

(This section will shortly be updated to reflect 2021 fees and new procedures. In the interim, please email Rob at katzfamily@iinet.net.au for a copy. The new prices for club training are approximately 10% higher than those listed below.)

From the 1st January 2019, the following forms must be completed before new members participate in any session at Budokan Judo Club: (1) “Budokan Club Membership Form” and (2) “Risk Warning and Waiver Form”

To be able to participate in Judo training at Budokan Judo Club, some administration is required with two separate organisations: (1) Budokan Judo Club and (2) Judo NSW. In both cases a no obligation one-month trial option is available. Alternatively, new members may wish to become financial with Judo NSW immediately and also pay Budokan training fees immediately or prior to expiry of the month trial period. The following explains the options.

Section 1.     For the first month of training

  1. Judo NSW Trial Membership. After participating in the first Judo session at Budokan Judo Club, unless you want to pay your Judo NSW registration up-front (see Section 2 below), new members must obtain a “Trial Membership” from the NSW governing Judo body, “Judo NSW”. This is done on-line and by doing so, Judo NSW provides 4 weeks of no-obligation trial membership for new members which includes insurance coverage. New members can register their trial membership with Judo NSW as follows:

Junior (Under 16 years) and Senior (16 years and over) Membership

  • Go to the Judo NSW website at http://www.judonsw.com.au/ and select “Join a Club”.
  • Select “Budokan” as the club, click “Register”. Complete intended member's personal details.
  • Choose "Registration Type": “Senior – Trial Membership” or “Junior – Trial Membership” as applicable. “Senior – Trial Membership” is for those who are aged 16 years or over on the day they register, otherwise use Junior. Click “Next Step”.
  • Check the boxes at the bottom of the Member Acknowledgement and Declaration and type in Guardian’s name in the case of “Junior – Trial Membership”. Click “Next Step” and complete all the personal details as indicated.
  • Click “Register Now”. There is no payment required and you should receive a confirmation email from Judo NSW to your nominated email address.  Please keep your National ID/Username and Password which are generated by the system. At this time you can edit and personalise these fields. This process is important and will allow you to register for 12 months after the trial period ends.
  • In two to three weeks from the date that you register your trial membership, Judo NSW will automatically send you an email (signed off as "Budokan" stating that your one month trial period will end soon and that your registration fees will be due. Please do this when you receive the email so that you don’t forget. See Section 2 regarding how to log in to the Judo NSW payment system.  
  • Once you renew your membership with Judo NSW and pay your registration fee, the Judo NSW office will adviseRob Katz, who is the President of Budokan Judo Club. The white Judo NSW membership cards are no longer issued.
  • The date of your annual membership with Judo NSW will be from the commencement of your trial period. Effectively, Judo NSW provides a no-obligation one month trial period which is paid for when you join. If you choose not to continue training after the one month trial, there is no cost.

Dinos Classes.

The Judo NSW trial membership is not available for the “Mini-Kids Membership” used for the Dino classes. After the first session, online registration is due with Judo NSW as follows:

  • Go to the Judo NSW website at the following link: http://www.judonsw.com.au/ and select “Join a Club”.
  • Select “Budokan” as the club; click “Next”.
  • Select “Mini-Kids Membership”; click “Next”.
  • Check the boxes at the bottom of Member Acknowledgement, Declaration and type in Guardian’s name. Click “Next” and complete all the personal details as indicated.
  • Click “Next”. Click “Submit Application and Pay Online”. Cost is $50 for 12 months
  1. Budokan Judo Club Membership.  Budokan Judo Club also offers a no obligation one month trial period before a commitment must be made regarding training fees. Options for training fees are provided later in this document. Should a new member continue to train after the one-month trial period, the club training fees become due and will be back-dated to the first session. The “Budokan Club Membership Form” and the “Risk Warning and Waiver Form” must be completed to trigger the first month’s trial period. If new members wish to pay training fees up-front, this is also possible in which case refer to Section 2 below. If new members leave after the one month trial period, there is no cost.

Section 2.     After the One-Month Trial Membership Period

The annual membership fee to Judo NSW and Budokan Judo Club training fees are both required to be paid at the time the respective one-month trial memberships expire. Both fees are retrospective covering the one-month trial period and both payments have a separate process as follows:

  1. Judo NSW Membership.
  • Use the link provided in the email from Judo NSW which will be sent to you before the expiry of the one month trial membership period, or go to the Judo NSW website at the following link: http://www.judonsw.com.au/ and select the “Renew” tab. Do not log into the sytem before pressing this tab.
  • Select “Budokan” as your club and press "Renew".
  • Select "Mini Kids Membership - $50" for children under 5 years at the time of registering (pre-school) or "Junior Membership - $100" (for children 5 years and under 16 at the time of registering, or "Senior Membership - $140", if over 16 years, as applicable.
  • Note that Judo NSW is a “Provider” under the NSW Government Active Kids Program which offers $100 for school-enrolled children aged 4.5 to 18 years. If you wish to use this subsidy, simply apply for a voucher on line from MyServiceNSW and enter the voucher details in the field provided. Press "Renew Membership".
  • Complete the remaining details and make the required payment per the Judo NSW membership schedule below. Membership is 12 months from the date  your trial membership started or date of registering (if becoming financial without a trial membership). Judo NSW will automatically send you an email (signed off by Budokan) shortly before the expiry of your 12 month membership. Please renew your membership when you receive this email.

Judo NSW Membership Type (12 months)

Fees as at January 2019

Mini Kids (Dinos)

Turning 3 and 4 years as at registration date and not at school

(U/16 years as at registration date)

(16 years or over as at registration date)

FULL YEAR RENEWAL (from date of membership application). Payment is made on-line via the Judo NSW website at http://www.judonsw.com.au/




  1. Budokan Judo Club Training Fees.
  • Budokan Judo Club Training Fees cover 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month periods. Significant discounts are available if payment is made for longer training periods as well as for multiple family memberships. Refer to the schedule below.
  • Note that Budokan Judo Club is a Provider under the NSW Government Active Kids Program which offers $100 for school-enrolled children aged 4.5 to 18 years. For use of the Active Kids Voucher against Budokan training fees, simply apply for a voucher apply online from MyServiceNSW and forward your Voucher details to budokan.treasurer@outlook.com and katzfamily@iinet.net.au
  • The Budokan training fee structure is available per the schedule below, on the club notice board, as handouts at the club, and on our website at http://www.budokan-judo-club.com/judo-training-fees.html.
  • Payment renewals are individualised, even if "Multiple Family Discounts" are used for more than one family joining at different times.


Please note the savings possible by paying for a longer term and for families with more than one club member. Please consider these options remembering that payment for all family members must be made at the beginning of the training period and align to the same period.

Single / Family Combinations




Single Member - Senior




Single Member – Juniors and Mons

(<16 years at time of payment)




Single Member – Dino Kids




Discounts for single members from 3 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months is approximately 20%.


Multiple family membership training fees.  To calculate multiple family member training fees, discounted rates apply per the table below. For example: Full price for 6 months for 1 x Senior and 2 x Juniors (per the above table) would be $370 + 2 x $230) = $830 but fees are discounted for multiple family members (per the table below) as follows: $295 + 2 x $185 = $665 (a saving of approximately 20%). The table below can be used to calculate any family combination. A list of some Multiple-Family combinations has been provided below, as examples but is not exhaustive.

Senior (Multiple Family Discount)




Junior / Mons ( Multiple Family Discount)




Dino Kids ( Multiple Family Discount)




Various Multiple-Family Combinations for 3, 6, and 12 months

2 Seniors




3 Seniors




Various Multiple-Family Combinations for 3, 6, and 12 months (Cont.)

2 Juniors




3 Juniors




4 Juniors




1 Senior + 1 Junior/Mon




1 Senior + 2 Juniors/Mons




1 Senior + 3 Juniors/Mons




1 Senior + 4 Juniors/Mon (4th Junior/Mon is free)




2 Seniors + 1 Junior/Mon




2 Seniors + 2 Juniors/Mons




3 Seniors + 1 Junior/Mon




1 Senior + 1 Dino




1 Senior + 2 Dinos




1 Junior + 1 Dino




3 Juniors + 1 Dino




Other Fees

Budokan Judo Club                                                      Visitor (Non-Budokan)
Casual Training Fees (Junior or Senior)                         Casual Training Fees (Junior or Senior)        

$20.00 per session                                                       $20.00 per session


Grading Fee

All Gradings - $30 (includes Judo NSW certificate and belt)

Note to Existing Club Members on the 2019 Fee Increase

Up to 2019, Budokan applied an annual club membership fee of $30 to all members except Dinos. These fees were in addition to training fees and discounts were offerred for multiple family members. More often than not, these fees didn’t align with the anniversary of training fees and this was difficult to administer.

From 2019 these membership fees have been absorbed into the new training fee structure.

As the club has not had a fee increase in 3 years, all fees have been increased in the order of 20%.  However, if you take the annual membership fees as part of the 2018 training fees, a comparison with the new fees for 3, 6 or 12 months shows that for single memberships (Senior, Junior, Mons or Dinos), the increase ranges from only 11% to 19%

We have retained similar percentage discounts to the previous fee schedule for longer-term training fee payments. Percentage discounts from 3 to 6 months and from 6 to 12 months remain as they have been, between 19% and 22%

Increases for multiple family memberships for the scenarios listed above range from 10 to 18%. Discounts for multiple family members apply to direct family members only. 

We have retained similar percentage discounts to the previous fee schedule for multiple family members. Percentage discounts for multiple family member combinations are all in the order of 20% when compared against “Single Member” fees.