Budokan Committee


  • President: Rob Katz (due 2025 AGM) (Public Officer)
  • Vice President 1: Kate Peake (due 2025 AGM)
  • Vice President 2: Scott Young (due 2024 AGM)
  • Secretary: Kerrye Katz (due 2025 AGM)
  • Treasurer: Peter Jennings (due 2024 AGM)
  • Councillor: Kenny Park (due 2024 AGM)
  • Councillor: Franz Tandean (due 2025 AGM)
  • Councillor: Nick Murkins (due 2025 AGM) (Member Protection Officer)
  • Councillor: Andras Koltai (due 2024 AGM)

Coaching Co-ordinators

  • Rob & Kerrye Katz


  • LIFE VICE-PRESIDENT Ivor Endicott-Davies


  • Finance & Business - Sub-Committee 1
    Revenue, Sponsorship/Grants, constitution, merchandising strategies, advertising, fee structure, etc
    Team: Rob Katz/Scott Young (Sponsorship/Grants), Rob Katz/Kate Peake (Membership/Fees), Kerrye Katz/Kate Peake (Merchandising), Rob Katz/Franz Tandean/Alainya Zollinger (Judogis), Peter Jennings (Fair Trading), Rob Katz (Active Kids Vouchers)
    Plus: Fundraising Strategy Sub-Committee: Kerrye Katz, Kate Peake,
     Andras Koltai & Jo Edwards/Alainya Zollinger
  • Membership Services & Communications – Sub-Committee 2
    Club and State Registrations, records, fee administration, member info kits, newsletter, notices, merchandising, etc
    Team: Rob Katz/Kate Peake/Peter Jennings (Fees/Membership), Rob Katz (JFA Registration issues), Kate Peake/Kerrye Katz, Alainya Zollinger (travel & accommodation), Kate Peake, Franz Tandean (merchandising)
  • Promotion & Publicity - Sub-Committee 3
    Media, press, web-site, newsletters, promo flyers, demos, info packs for demos, schools, etc

    Team: Guido Scholtz/Kate Peake (Website), Rob Katz (Newsletter), Kerrye Katz/Rob Katz/Aziz Yuldashev (Schools)

  • Sport & Technical – Sub-Committee 4
    Long & Short-term Training Programs, technical development & performance, NCAS, coaching co-ordination, education/involvement in courses, tournament management, etc
    Team: Rob & Kerrye Katz, Dale Keogh
  • Equipment – Sub-Committee 5
    Venue, equipment, mat maintenance, first aid kit, kitchen, fridge, drinks, etc
    Team:  Andras Koltai, Rob Katz, + Susi Tandean/Jo Edwards/Alainya Zollinger (Catering) 
  • Recognition Schemes/Social Events – Sub-Committee 6
    Recognition schemes, awards, social functions, visits, etc
    Team: Rob Katz/Scott Young (recognition/Awards), Kerrye Katz (Schools, Visits), plus Kate Peake/Jo Edwards/Alainya Zollinger (Social)
  • Government/JFA Relations/Risk – Sub-Committee 7
    Responsible for Local Grants/Schemes, Government liaison, JFA liaison, Volunteers, Child Safety Standards, etc
    Team: Nick Murkins (Child-Safe Standards/Management, Member Protection), Rob Katz/Scott Young (Government & Grants), Franz Tandean (Volunteers)

JFA(NSW) Inc. Appointments


  •          NSW NCAS Coordinator (until EO 2013): Kerrye Katz
  •          NSW Junior Development Coach (formerly NTID Coordinator): Kerrye Katz, Rob Katz (Assistant)
  •           NSW State Coaches: Kerrye (Juniors), Rob Katz (Seniors), Dale Keogh (Kata), Liam Stewart (Kyu                       Grades), Franz Tandean (No Limits) 
  •          BBR Kata Instructor: Dale Keogh
  •          Club Competition Management Volunteer Coordinator: Franz Tandean

 JFA Inc. Appointments

·               National Coach (Cadets): Kerrye Katz

                National Coach (Cadets and Junior Men/Women): Nathan Katz

                National Grades Commission: Dale Keogh

                National Nominations/History Sub-Committee: Scott Young