Our Club prides itself on being able to support it’s athletes who are selected to represent the Club at Teams events, or who represent NSW at the Nationals or who represent Australia internationally.  We will no doubt have a record number competing at each of these levels each year and it is important that the Club gets behind these fundraising activities that make this form of sponsorship possible.  

This year we will have 8 athletes selected for Oceania and at least 25 athletes going to Nationals.  The Bunning’s BBQs are an easy way to raise revenue so that we can continue with our tradition of supporting our State and National Team members.


The Club would like to acknowledge the great effort that Karen Leake made in coordinating our recent fundraising endeavour and for being there for the whole day.   

Many thanks to all who helped - It was great to see such a good turnout for the Club.  Some volunteers worked through a couple of shifts.  Special thanks to the Colemans for the esky, ice and chocolate for the raffle.  Leishmans  for buying all the sausages and bread plus incidentals. Craig had to go to the butchers a couple of times during the day to buy more supplies! Sue and Craig were both there from start to finish.

The Club also acknowledges all of the following people for giving up their time to help make this a great success, nearly $1000 raised - that's just fantastic!   

Karen Leake

Sue Leishman
Dale Keogh
Rowan Dray

Rob Beedham

Dave Colman
Sean Brothers
Craig Leishman
Robert Gale
Andrew Chalmers
David Willison
Greg Tafft
Marcel de Bruine
Joze de Bruine
Rob Monaghan
Richard Lane
Vanessa Hall
Rachael Dray
Rachel Beedham
Dana Brothers
Maili Colman
Mel Rudgley
Sally Wade
Leon McIndoe
Leonie McIndoe
Susi Tandean
Franz Tandean
Tracey Grimes
Liz Phillips
Kiliane Beunard
Belinda McIndoe
Kyle McIndoe
Kate Hall  
Andras Koltai


There were also number of kids also assisted by selling raffle tickets throughout the day, putting in quite a few hours of their time as well. Special thanks also go to:


Zach Coleman 

Saskia and Lachlan Brothers 

Bjorn, Bernhard and Bianca Tandean