In the Judo NSW Community Series Competition, Budokan had 22 athletes compete winning 5 x 1st,  4 x 2nd, 5 x 3rd, 4 x 5th places. Details follow: 

  • Mons:

CompetitorResultNathan Zhang3rd U/24 B divisionMyat Phone Pyae5th U/27 B divisionHayden Bielby2nd U/27 B divisionLachlan Richards3rd U/27 B divisionThomas BlanchUnplaced - U/27 B divisionWilliam BlanchUnplaced – U/27 B DivisionIsabelle TanDid not competeLuke Park3rd U/27 A DivisionGretchen Dong5th U/27 A DivisionBrendan Jones1st U/27 A Division 

  • Junior Boys/Girls:

CompetitorResultLeon Park1st O/50 B DivisionWilliam Dong1st U/50 B DivisionHaodong (Donnie) Zhang3rd U/38 A DivisionLucas ContiUnplaced U/34 B DivisionLucas Kong2nd U/50 B DivisionYixiao (Authur) SunUnplaced U/38 B DivisionTayden Zhang2nd U/24 B DivisionJake Newbould5th U/50 B DivisionTim Reshanov5th U/66 A DivisionYousef Helal3rd U/60 B Division 

  • Seniors:

CompetitorResultJackson Palgan2nd U/81 A DivisionDaniel Holley1st U/90+o/90 A +B CadetsUnplaced U/90 Senior Men BAaron Jones1st U/66 B Division  Well done also to our volunteers and referees who contributed to the successful running of the event.